Poland Township Government, 3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
Phone: 330.757.0733
Poland Township Government
3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
Phone: 330.757.0733

05-14-2014 Minutes

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The Poland Township Board of Trustees held their regular meeting May 14, 2014, at the Poland Township Government Center located at 3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, Ohio. Paul Canter opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. There were several residents present.
Administrator Scharville called the Roll, present were
Trustee Lidle,
Trustee Wollet,
Chairman Ungaro
‐ Ungaro moved to approve the minutes dated April 23 and May 1, 2014, seconded by Lidle. Voting yes – Ungaro, Wollet, Lidle . . . motion carried.

‐ Lidle moved to authorize payment for all outstanding bills for Poland Township, seconded by Ungaro.
Voting yes – Ungaro, Wollet, Lidle . . . motion carried.

‐ Lidle moved to award Barbacus Construction to 2014 Resurfacing of various roads. Seconded by Ungaro. Voting yes – Lidle, Ungaro, Wollet . . . motion carried.

‐ Lidle moved to approve payment for Memorial Day expenses for American Legion – Post 15 & Post 247 In the amount of $250 each for help with decorating the cemeteries. Seconded by Wollet. Voting Yes – Lidle, Wollet, Ungaro . . . motion carried.

‐ Ungaro moved to refund for zoning permit # 6076 for $25.00 – Ron Rashiki, seconded by Lidle. Voting yes – Ungaro, Wollet, Lidle . . . motion carried.

‐ Lidle moved to resolve resolution 14‐08 for Aqua Ohio water rates to stay the same until 2016, seconded Wollet. Voting yes – Lidle, Wollet, Ungaro . . . motion carried.

‐ Lidle resolution 14‐09 Nuisance Notice for the following addresses:

5172 Fifth Street
7272 North Lima Road
8670 Tuscany Drive
7889 Indian Trail
2226 Hamilton Ave
2350 Edgewater Drive
3051 Algonquin Drive

Seconded by Ungaro.
‐ Ungaro moved to approve the sale of a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser to The City of
Campbell for $2,500, seconded by Lidle.

‐ Officer Kent gave the end of the year update and explained what he has been doing as a Resource Officer for the Poland Schools.

‐ Sharville mentioned the petition for the street lighting for Suncrest Drive, the meeting is to be the first 15 minutes of the next regular Township Trustee meeting. It will be advertised in the Vindicator and letters are to be mailed out.

‐ Sharville mentioned the American Legion parade & Bob Lidle will take care of correspondence.

‐ Sharville mentioned meeting in Tim Tousak office at the Renaissance Center with Tim Tousak, Solid Waste, Republic Waste & County Commissioner has been changed to Friday May 16 at 10:00.

‐ Fiscal Officer, Paul Canter, gave the Financial Report for April 2014 as Follows: Revenue ‐ $320,851 / Expenditures – $97,885
Waterline going to the park is expected to be started soon.

Updated the board that Household Cleanup Day is Saturday, May 24, 2014 from 2PM to 6PM. This event is sponsored by Poland Township Trustees, Public Services and The Interstate Shredding LLC.
‐ Zoning Inspector, Robert Monus, gave the Monthly Zoning Report for April 2014 (report on file).
‐ Road Superintendent, Tom Monus, reported that the Road Department has been patching pot holes, sweeping streets, fixing catch basins, cutting grass. There are several roads set to be paved soon.
‐ No April Stats
‐ Chief Goodin mentioned Steve Kent on Bike Patrol Officer. A few days a week he will be on the bike patrolling.
‐ Mentioned residents calling in to House Watch before they go on vacation.
‐ Chief mentioned new signs being ordered for school zones so residents know what time the school speed zone is effective.
Chairman Lidle opened the meeting for public comment.

‐Cliffview residents that spoke were Robert Buckner, Joann Wollet & Steve Stanislav
There being no further business, Lidle moved to adjourn at 7:12PM. Seconded by Ungaro. Voting Yes‐ Ungaro, Lidle, Wollet. . .motion carried
Eric C. Ungaro, Chairman
Joanne Wollet, Trustee
Robert Lidle, Jr., Trustee
Paul J. Canter, Fiscal Officer