Poland Township Government, 3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
Phone: 330.757.0733
Poland Township Government
3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
Phone: 330.757.0733

07-03-2018 Special Meeting

                                                               July 3, 2018
                                                            Special Meeting

The Poland Township Board of Trustees held their special meeting July 3, 2018 at 10:00a.m. at the Poland Township Government Center located at 3339 Dobbins Road, Poland Ohio.

Mr. Kempers leads the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Scharville calls roll call. Ungaro, Wollet and Kempers were present.

 The purpose of this meeting was to discuss passing a resolution in order to present voters with a levy bond outside of ten mill limitation.

Mr. Scharville states that the Vindicator was properly notified of this meeting today.

Resolution 18-13

To determine to procced with the submission of question of an additional tax levy of the excess of the 10 mill limitation of purpose of general construction, reconstruction, resurfacing, and repairs to streets roads and bridges in the township. Ohio revise code 5705.19G.a

Ungaro motions Resolution 18-13. Seconded by Wollet. Kempers asks a few question to Fiscal Officer Mr. Canter. Short discussion occurs between the board.  Voting yes- Ungaro, Wollet and Kempers. Motion carried.

Ungaro motions to adjourn special meeting at 10:19 a.m. Seconded by Wollet. Voting yes- Ungaro, Wollet and Kempers.

Meeting adjourn.

Eric Ungaro, Chairman                                                    
Joanne Wollet, Vice-Chair
Edward Kempers, Trustee                                              
Paul Canter, Fiscal Officer