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Poland Township Government
3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
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05-23-2019 Meeting

                                                                Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting
                                                                                 May 23, 2019
Members/Attendance:              X         Jim Burgham
                                                      X         Michael Johnston
                                                      X         Ricky Morrison
                                                      X         Albert Sciulli
                                                      X         Robert Durick
                                                    N/A      John Grahovac
Also in attendance:                   X        Bob Monus, Zoning Inspector
                                                      X        Michele Richards, Recording Secretary

Mike Johnston called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

1st Order of Business:

Mike Johnston stated that the first order of business is to approve the minutes from the meeting held on April 25, 2019.  Jim Burgham made a motion to approve the minutes from the April 25, 2019 meeting.  Mike Johnston seconded the motion. 


Yes                  Jim Burgham
Yes                  Mike Johnston
Yes                  Bob Durick
Yes                  Ricky Morrison
Abstain           Al Sciulli

2nd Order of Business:

Case #ZA-04-19 – This is a variance request by Joshua and Olivia Hiznay to obtain relief from side yard property setback on the right side of their home to construct a two story addition.  The property is located at 2066 Renwick Drive, known as parcel #35-003-0-114.00-0, known as lot 406.  Parcel is located in Poland Township, Poland, Ohio, in a (R-1) Residential-1 zoned district.

 Items included in packet submitted:

  1. Zoning Permit Denial Form
  2. Application for Variance
  3. Letter of Intent
  4. Site Plan
  5. Property Description (Zoning)
  6. Property Description (Auditor)
  7. Zoning District Map
  8. County GIS Map
  9. Set of Drawings with Floor Plan
  10. Warranty Deed
  11. Letter Received from Alan Prince
Joshua Hiznay
2066 Renwick Drive

Hiznay stated the purpose of the addition is to expand the dining room and add a bedroom upstairs.  Hiznay stated his mother and stepfather live two houses down from him, his brother lives next to them, his mother and stepfather own houses next to and behind  him, and they have no objection to the variance.  He stated his neighbor Alan Prince submitted a letter to the Board and has no objection to the variance either.

Jim Burgham stated he is concerned with the 2’ setback.  Hiznay stated that his parents do own the house next door right now.  Hiznay stated he may end up owning it in the future.

Mike Johnston stated he understands Jim’s concern and suggested that Hiznay look at another design.  Hiznay stated he really has no room in the back to go back any further.  The only way he can go is to the right.

Mike Johnston asked if anyone would like to speak in favor of the request.  No one responds. Mike Johnston read a letter from Alan Prince of 2058 Renwick Drive, in favor of the request.

Mike Johnston asked if anyone would like to speak against the request.  No one responds.

Jim Burgham stated that side yard setback is also for emergencies and he is concerned for the day when someone constructs a fence.  He suggested that Hiznay consider the 3’ relief rather than the 2’ relief.

Bob Durick is also in agreement for a 3’ setback. 

Al Sciulli stated he is in favor of the 2’ setback request, and he does not feel a 1’ setback difference will impede any emergency purposes. 

Mike Johnston stated he agrees with Burgham and feels a 2’ setback is too close to the neighbor’s house, even though it is currently owned by his parents.  Ricky Morrison also agrees.

After further discussion, Mike Johnston explained to Hiznay that he can modify his original variance request to a 3’ variance request tonight.  Hiznay stated he would like to amend his original request from 2’ to 3’ setback.  Mike Johnston stated the appellant will now be requesting a variance request for a 3’ setback.


Jim Burgham made a motion in Case ZA-04-19 to grant the amended variance request to allow the side yard setback of three (3) feet to allow for an addition on the existing structure, as per the plans submitted,. Mike Johnston seconded the motion.


Yes      Jim Burgham
Yes      Mike Johnston
Yes      Bob Durick
No       Al Sciulli
Yes      Ricky Morrison

Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Submitted by:

Michele Richards/Recording Secretary

cc:        Trustees (3)
            Board of Zoning Appeals (5)
            Zoning Commission (6)
            Paul Canter, Fiscal Officer (1)
            File (1)