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Poland Township Government
3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
Phone: 330.757.0733
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08-23-2018 Meeting

                                                               Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting
                                                                           August 23, 2018
Members/Attendance:              N/A      Jim Burgham
                                                X         Michael Johnston
                                                X         Ricky Morrison
                                                X         Albert Sciulli
                                                X         Robert Durick
                                                X         Paul Sherman
Also in attendance:                  X         Patty Magazzine, Assistant Zoning Inspector
                                                X         Michele Richards, Recording Secretary

Mike Johnston called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

1st Order of Business:

Mike Johnston stated that the first order of business is to approve the minutes from the meeting held on July 19, 2018.   Al Sciulli made a motion to approve the minutes from the July 19, 2018 meeting.  Paul Sherman seconded the motion. 


Yes                  Al Sciulli
Yes                  Paul Sherman
Abstain           Bob Durick
Yes                 Ricky Morrison
Yes                  Mike Johnston

Motion approved.

2nd Order of Business:

Case #ZA-04-18 – This is a variance request by John Quimby Jr. to obtain relief from maximum square footage and height requirements to construct a (1,200) one thousand two hundred square foot accessory building.  The dimensions of the structure will be (30’ x 40’) thirty feet by forty feet.  The height will be (19’) nineteen feet.  The property is located at 6595 Lowellville Road, known as parcel #35-100-0-019.00-0 Great Lot 62.  Parcel is located in Poland Township, Lowellville, Ohio, in a (BP) Business Park zoned district.

 Items included in packet submitted:

  1. Application for Variance
  2. Zoning Permit Denial Form
  3. Letter of Intent
  4. Property Description (Zoning)
  5. Property Description (Auditor)
  6. Site Plan
  7. Zoning District Map
  8. County GIS Aerial Map
  9. Warranty Deed
  10. Site Elevation Plan
John Quimby
6595 Lowellville Road
Lowellville, Ohio

 Quimby stated that he needs more space.

Bob Durick asked Quimby to show the Board a picture of the proposed building.

Paul Sherman asked Quimby if he is on sanitary sewer or septic.  Quimby stated septic.  Sherman asked if he had diagrams showing where the leech fields are located.  Quimby stated he does not have diagrams but he knows where they are located.  Sherman asked if he contacted the Mahoning County Health Department.  Quimby stated he has not, he was told to obtain a variance first.  Mike Johnston stated that these items do not fall under this Board’s discretion.  Patty Magazzine stated that the health department will not approve a building built over a leech field.

Sherman asked Quimby about the height requirement - if he will be putting a lift in.  Quimby stated yes.

Mike Johnston asked Quimby if he will be using the building for business purposes.  Quimby replied no.

Mike Johnston asked if anyone would like to speak in favor of the request.  No one responds.  Mike Johnston asked if anyone would like to speak against the request.  No one responds.

The following motion was then made:


Ricky Morrison made a motion in Case ZA-04-18 to grant the variance request for an accessory building thirty by forty by nineteen feet (30’ x 40’ x 19’) as per the plans submitted.  Al Sciulli seconded the motion.


Yes      Ricky Morrison
Yes      Al Sciulli
Yes      Bob Durick
Yes      Paul Sherman
Yes      Mike Johnston

Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Submitted by:

Michele Richards/Recording Secretary

  • cc:        Trustees (3)
  •             Board of Zoning Appeals (5)
  •             Zoning Commission (6)
  •             P. Canter, Fiscal Officer (1)

            File (1)