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02-17-2021 Reorganization Minutes

                                                                                      Zoning Commission Meeting
                                                                                              February 17, 2021
                                                                                      Pre-application for ZC-01-21
Members/Attendance:             X         Gene McCullough
                                                     X         Frank Mazzocca
                                                     X         Frank Prusak
                                                     X         Bill Gardner
                                                     X         Paul Sherman
Also in attendance:                  X         Bob Monus, Zoning Inspector
                                                     X         Michele Richards, Recording Secretary

Bill Gardner called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. 

1st Order of Business:

Frank Mazzocca motioned to approve the minutes of December 2, 2020.  Paul Sherman seconded the motion.

Members in agreement:           X         Frank Mazzocca
                                                      X         Paul Sherman
                                                      X         Bill Gardner
                                                      X         Frank Prusak
                                                      X         Gene McCullough

Motion carried.

Bill Gardner recognized Frank Prusak for being appointed to the Board for another term and David Long as the new alternate Board Member.

2nd Order of Business:

Reorganization of the Board. 

Bill Gardner motioned to nominate Paul Sherman as Chair of the Board.  Frank Mazzocca seconded the motion.

Members in agreement:           X                     Bill Gardner
                                                      X                     Frank Mazzocca
                                                      X                     Frank Prusak
                                                      X                     Gene McCullough
                                                    Abstain            Paul Sherman

Motion carried.

Bill Gardner motioned to nominate Frank Mazzocca as Vice Chair of the Board.  Gene McCullough seconded the motion.

Members in agreement:           X                     Bill Gardner
                                                      X                     Gene McCullough
                                                      X                     Frank Prusak
                                                      X                     Paul Sherman
                                                    Abstain            Frank Mazzocca

Motion carried.

Business before Board:

Doug Susany is in attendance to present a pre-application plan for a proposed PUD plan, Villa Nora, to be located on Struthers Road, northeast of the Struthers Road/Route 224 (Center Road) intersection.  This is part of a combination of four (4) lots. 

Doug Susany stated his proposal is for a twelve (12) acre parcel PUD request.  It will be a fee simple arrangement.  The units will be one story and approximately 1,600 square feet with an open floor plan.  There will be approximately 36-40 units.  The homeowner’s association will be responsible for maintaining the roads and common areas, as well as snow removal and landscape services.  Landscape services are optional right now but this is being debated. 

Paul Sherman asked Susany if he knows what the monthly homeowner fees will be.  Susany stated he does not know.  Sherman asked Susany if he would be the exclusive builder, Susany replied yes.  Sherman asked if he plans on doing these in phases, Susany replied probably two phases.  Sherman asked if there was any feedback from the adjoining neighbors.  Susany stated he only has one adjoining neighbor but he has not spoken to him.  Sherman asked if there is designated wetland area.  Susany replied yes, there was a wetland survey done.  

Paul Sherman asked Bob Monus if he had any comments.  Monus stated if there are any wetland issues, they can be addressed in the future.  Monus also stated there are no zoning issues with the proposed project.

The type of curbing was also discussed. 

Paul Sherman asked the Board members if there were any questions.   

Gene McCullough stated this development does not have a lot of frills – pools, bocce courts, etc.  He asked if a resident has an extra car or trailer, is there any way to make extra space for garages that you can rent for this purpose.  Susany stated there are no extra spaces to allow for this.  McCullough asked if there will be double car garage, Susany replied yes.

Paul Sherman asked if the fire department looked at this proposal.  Susany stated no.  Bob Monus added, when in the preliminary stages, the fire department does not get involved.

Paul Sherman asked about no cul-de-sac at units 22 and 23.  Susany stated if the fire department has an issue with that, it will be addressed.  They would lose four units.

Paul Sherman asked if there were any questions or concerns from the audience.  There were none.


Paul Sherman made a motion to approve the preliminary development plan presented by Doug Susany, as per the plans submitted.  The Board requests that there is further discussion with the fire department, as well as coordinating with zoning, regarding a cul-de-sac between units 22 and 23, possibly eliminating unit 22, and having a cul-de-sac rather than a dead end street.  Frank Mazzocca seconded the motion.

Members in agreement:           X         Paul Sherman
                                                      X         Frank Mazzocca
                                                      X         Gene McCullough
                                                      X         Frank Prusak
                                                      X         Bill Gardner

Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Submitted by:

Michele Richards/Recording Secretary

cc:       Trustees (3)
            Board of Zoning Appeals (6)
            Zoning Commission (6)
            Paul Canter, Fiscal Officer (1)
            File (1)