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Poland Township Government
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06-21-2017 Meeting

                                                           Zoning Commission Meeting
                                                                   June 21, 2017


Members/Attendance:             X         Ron Massullo
                                                X         Gene McCullough
                                                X         Frank Mazzocca
                                                X         Frank Prusak
                                                X         Bill Gardner
Also in attendance:                 X         Bob Monus, Zoning Inspector
                                                X         Michele Richards, Recording Secretary

Ron Massullo called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m. 

1st Order of Business:

Ron Massullo stated that the second order of business is to approve the minutes from the meeting held on March 22, 2017.  Frank Mazzocca made a motion to accept the minutes from the March 22, 2017 meeting.  Frank Prusak seconded the motion.  All members were in favor.  Motion carried. 


2nd Order of Business:

Case ZC-01-17 – Is a formal request by Anthony Gentile and Dean Worsencroft to review the Final Development Plan for the proposed Planned Unit Development (PUD) plan.  This meeting is to review the changes and updates that the Zoning Commission Board has requested or that the applicant may have.  The Board then will vote to accept or deny the plan.

Ron Massullo stated this is a continuation of the process for the potential rezoning of the 41.9 acre parcel on Clingan Road, Lake Hamilton Estates in Poland Township.

 Items submitted to the zoning office:

  1. Application for Zone Change
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. Authorization letter from Dean Worsencroft
  4. Property description (Auditor)
  5. List of Abutting Property Owners
  6. Survey of proposed site plan/layout
  7. Utility layout plan
  8. Building Structural Design Plan
  9. Zoning District Map
  10. County GIS Plate Map
  11. Warranty Deed
  12. Topography Map of Elevation Levels
  13. All information shown on the approved Preliminary PUD Plan

MS Consultants is in attendance representing the owner of this property, Arthur Worsencroft, and the developer, Anthony Gentile.

Joe Leson
MS Consultants
333 E. Federal Street
Youngstown, Ohio

Leson stated that he is representing Dean Worsencroft, the property owner, and Anthony Gentile, the developer.  He stated that Gentile is in attendance per the Board’s request to provide additional information regarding the proposed development.


Anthony Gentile
101 Forest Creek Drive
Struthers, Ohio

Gentile stated the proposed plan will be a gated community with 18 houses in the gate and 3 houses outside the gate.  They are moving forward and have potential buyers as well, just awaiting the zone change approval.  Lake front lots will cost approximately, in the $250,000 range.  The other lots will cost between $90-110,000.  The houses will be constructed of either brick or stone.

Gene McCullough asked what the minimum square footage for the homes will be.  Leson stated 2,500 square feet.

Ron Massullo asked if there were any questions or comments from the audience.


Perry Chickonoski
5750 Clingan Road

Chickonoski stated he is in favor of the development; however, he is concerned about traffic on Clingan Road.  He stated there have been several accidents in the area.  He asked if there are any plans for traffic signals, speed limits, etc. and who should he talk to about his concerns.


Gary Diorio
MS Consultants
333 E. Federal Street
Youngstown, Ohio

Diorio responded to Chickonoski that Clingan Road is a county road, and he should address his concerns to the Mahoning County Engineer’s office.

Massullo also suggested that Chickonoski contact the Traffic Department of the County Engineer’s office.

Massullo explained that once the Board approves the zone change, it will then go to the Mahoning County Planning Commission for their approval.  Once the planning commission approves the zone change, a public hearing will be scheduled.  Then it will be presented to the Trustees for their approval.  

The following motion was then made:


 Ron Massullo made a motion in Case ZC-01-17 to forward the zone change to the Mahoning County Planning Commission for their recommendation.  Frank Mazzocca seconded the motion.


Yes      Ron Massullo
Yes      Frank Mazzocca
Yes      Bill Gardner
Yes      Frank Prusak
Yes      Gene McCullough
Motion carried.
Old Business:


New Business:


Good of the Order:

Meeting adjourned at 6:41 p.m.


Submitted by:
Michele Richards/Recording Secretary
cc:        Trustees (3)
            Board of Zoning Appeals (6)
            Zoning Commission (6)
            Canter, Fiscal Officer (1)
            File (1)