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Poland Township Government
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11-04-2020 Minutes

                                                                            Zoning Commission Meeting
                                                                                     November 4, 2020


Members/Attendance:             X         Gene McCullough
                                                     X         Frank Mazzocca
                                                    X         Frank Prusak
                                                    X         Bill Gardner
                                                    X         Paul Sherman
Also in attendance:                 X         Bob Monus, Zoning Inspector
                                                    X         Michele Richards, Recording Secretary

Bill Gardner called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. 

1st Order of Business:

Frank Mazzocca motioned to approve the minutes of September 30, 2020.  Paul Sherman seconded the motion.

Members in agreement:           X         Frank Mazzocca
                                                      X         Paul Sherman
                                                     X         Frank Prusak
                                                     X         Gene McCullough      
                                                     X         Bill Gardner

Motion carried.

2nd Order of Business:

Case ZC-02-20 –This is a public hearing to discuss the submission of the Final Development Plan application for a proposed Planned Unit Development (PUD) from Ron Anderson of Universal Development.  This is a formal request for rezoning the property and for the Board to review the final plan and to suggest or request any adjustments to this plan.  The location of the proposed PUD is off of Clingan Trails Blvd., to be named “The Village at Clingan Trails”.  Mr. Anderson has submitted all of the Final Development Plan application and paperwork with drawings to the Zoning Office as per the requirements for request.  The Zoning Office has forwarded all of this information to the Board Members.

 Items included in packet submitted:

  1. Final Phase Request Letter
  2. Final Residential PUD Plan – Prepared by Joseph Gonda, Buckeye Civil Design, LLC – Inclusive of all items listed in Section 5.04(4)(a)(b)(c)(e) of the Zoning Resolution
  3. Construction Schedule – Section 5.04 (c) for the development of the site
  4. Engineering Feasibility Study – Prepared by Joseph Gonda, Buckeye Civil Design, LLC – Inclusive of all items
  5. Preliminary Building Floor Plan with Elevation Plan – Section 5.04 (f)
  6. Landscape Plan – Section 5.04 (g)
  7. Declaration and Bylaws for The Village at Clingan Trails Condominium – Section 5.04 (h)

Bill Gardner asked if there were any questions from the Board Members.

Gene McCullough stated he is glad to see the revised presentation, which includes the loss of two units, and asked if the community center is still in the plans.  Anderson stated yes.

Paul Sherman asked where the community center is located.  Anderson replied the first building #28.

Bill Gardner asked Bob Monus if he had any input.  Bob Monus stated based on some of the concerns that the residents had, Mr. Anderson modified the plans to provide for more buffering against the residential areas.  Monus stated Anderson has made every request that the Board has asked.  Monus stated the revised layout is better than the original one.

Bill Gardner asked Anderson if he had any other comments.  Ron Anderson stated they also plan to add a row of pine trees between units 24 and 25 along the 25’ setback. 

Gene McCullough discussed the issue of having a central collection bin for trash or totes.  He stated he does not like the central collection area and would like to see individual totes for the individual property owners. Anderson stated he liked the idea of the totes.  Gene also asked about off street parking as each unit has two parking spaces.  Anderson stated each unit will have two spaces and there is a turnaround at the end of the driveways that provides enough room.

Frank Prusak stated he would like to see the extra dirt used for elevation for privacy, possibly a natural fence or a mound. 

 Bill Gardner asked if there were any comments from the public.

Michael Melia
5571 Clingan Road

Melia had previously submitted a letter of opposition on October 13, 2020 and the issues in his letter were discussed.  Melia stated he is satisfied with the proposed modifications to the plan.

Paul Sherman asked Melia about the other three property owners who signed the letter of opposition if it is his general consensus that their concerns were the same as his and they were addressed with the proposed plan.  Melia stated he spoke with them and he believes so.  Sherman stated they had the opportunity to be present at tonight’s meeting as well.

The following motion was made:


Frank Mazzocca made a motion in Case ZC-02-20 to approve the final development plan as submitted.  Paul Sherman seconded the motion.

Members in agreement:           X         Frank Mazzocca

                                                X         Paul Sherman

                                                X         Gene McCullough

                                                X         Bill Gardner

Members not in agreement:     X         Frank Prusak

Motion carried.

3rd Order of Business:


Bob Monus discussed the issue of fee simple lots for the condos at the Tuscany Villas on Dobbins Road.  Monus stated he has been in discussion with the residents and they all did sign off on the issue.  Paul Sherman asked how many undeveloped lots there are. Monus stated there are quite a few.  Sherman asked who will own them.  Monus stated probably Marchionda.  Sherman stated he would like to see deed restrictions protecting the remaining lots. 

After discussion, the Board agreed to set a meeting to discuss this issue further.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Submitted by:

Michele Richards/Recording Secretary

cc:        Trustees (3)

            Board of Zoning Appeals (6)

            Zoning Commission (5)

            Paul Canter, Fiscal Officer (1)

            File (1)