Poland Township Government, 3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
Phone: 330.757.0733
Poland Township Government
3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
Phone: 330.757.0733

11-12-2014 Minutes

November 12th—Regular Meeting

The Poland Township Board of Trustees held their regular meeting November 12th 2014 at the Poland Township Government Center located at 3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, Ohio.
Chairman Ungaro called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Mike Heher opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. There were several residents present.
Chairman Ungaro motioned to approve minutes for Regular Meeting – October 8, 2014 and October 29th 2014 seconded by Wollet. Voting Yes – Ungaro, Lidle & Wollet.
Chairman Ungaro motioned to approve all outstanding bills for the township, seconded by Wollet. Voting yes – Ungaro, Lidle & Wollet.
Administrator Scharville asks Fiscal Officer Canter if he has Resolution #14‐21 with him, Fiscal Officer Canter answers no. Scharville states that any questions about the Resolution can be directed to the Fiscal Officer (Canter).
Canter answers one question pertaining to Resolution #14‐21
Trustee Lidle motioned to approve Resolution #14‐21, seconded by Ungaro.
Roll call voting yes on Resolution #14‐21 – Ungaro, Lidle, & Wollet.
While doing the Financial Report, Fiscal Officer Canter also give September’s Financial Report seeing as it was not ready in the Month of September.
September Revenue‐‐$12,037
September Expenditures‐‐$192,158
October Revenue‐‐$343,548
October Expenditures‐‐$271,390
Zel Bush, President of IPAC spoke of IPAC. Looking to put a building outside of Poland Township that whole community can use, with approval of trustees and Park Advisory Board. Money will be raised by donations and not tax payer’s dollars. Within the last 2‐3 weeks the 501(c)3 status was approved. President Bush, Vice president had a meeting the night before and decided to start taking donations after the first of the year. Progress is going to cost roughly $1,000,000. The facility would allow for sports both inside and outside, and also allow a community center for meetings, birthday parties, etc.
Questions are asked pertaining to Grants, and Contractors and Foundations that could be used for the building.
Park Committee
Advisory Board Chairman, Mike Heher, updated the board as follows:
  • There were 2 articles in the Vindicator and an editorial written on the park.
  • Water lines have been installed on Moore Road and later this week there will be a sewer put in.
  • By next year there should be restrooms and food could be sold from the building where the sewer and water lines will be going to.
    • The grant application that got approved, but must commit by this coming Friday 11/14/2014.
    • The grant is for up to $15,000.
    • Must have playground equipment by end of December.
    • Whole Park would cost roughly $30,000
    • The park will cost $29,789, subtracting $9,929.66 that the grant is paying for. Leaving a balance of 22,000 that the Township is being asked to commit to.
    • Board goes back and forth talking about getting another grant to cover some of the remaining money that the township is being asked to commit to or possibly even waiting to compare.
Recycling Department
Administrator, Jim Scharville updated the board as follows:
Christmas tree recycling program in conjunction with the Green Team from 12/26/14‐01/31/15.
People are able to drop it off or leave it on the curb for pick up.
Zoning Department
Zoning Inspector, Robert Monus updated the board as follows,
3 new structures $613,575
Additional Improvements $70,930
Total evaluation $684,585
Total fees collected $4,879
Board speaks about the taking over of Olde Stone Crossing.
Trustee Lidle motioned to put an ad in the Vindicator for two Sundays, seconded by Ungaro. Voted yes –Lidle, Ungaro, & Wollet.
Road Department
Road Superintendent, Tom Monus, updated the board as follows
Everything is running smoothly, and trucks are getting ready for the winter.
Board and others speak about getting a new truck for long period of time.
Police Department
Chief Goodin gave Monthly Stats for October 2014.
142 checks of residence
43 observed calls
221 dispatched calls
6 accidents
10 citations
2 misdemeanor arrests
3 felony arrests
10,029 miles
Utility box for K9 car
$500 left in account
Purchase for $1,700 from HKG Enterprises
Motion for expenditure up to $1,500 to HKG for Utility Box Vote yes—Lidle, Ungaro, & Wollet.
Detective Wilson asks for letter to be read by Chief Goodin.
Katie Smaldino and Matt Vallas have been hired part time pending passing of medical physical.
Board speaks to Smaldino and Vallas for a long period of time about working part time for Police Department.
Motion to raise part time employees wage to $14/hr Seconded.

Eric C. Ungaro, Chairman
Joanne Wollet, Trustee
Robert Lidle, Jr., Trustee
Paul J. Canter, Fiscal Officer