Poland Township Government, 3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
Phone: 330.757.0733
Poland Township Government
3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
Phone: 330.757.0733

12-10-2014 Minutes

December 10th 2014 Regular Meeting

The Poland Township Board of Trustees held their regular meeting December 10th 2014 at the Poland Township Government Center located at 3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, Ohio.

Attorney Mark Fortunato opened with The Pledge of Allegiance. There were several residents present.

Administrator Jim Scharville called roll call. Present were:

Chairman Ungaro

Trustee Lidle

Trustee Wollet


Ungaro motioned to approve minutes for November 12th 2014 regular meeting. Seconded by Lidle. Voting yes—Ungaro, Lidle, & Wollet.

Lidle motioned to authorize payment for all outstanding bills for the township. Seconded by Ungaro. Voting yes--- Ungaro, Lidle, & Wollet.

Ungaro motioned to accept donation from the Boy Scouts: bullet proof vests for K-9. Seconded by Lidle. Voting yes--- Ungaro, Lidle, & Wollet.

Ungaro motioned to begin process of demolition of house that caught fire on 2273 Clyde Street. Seconded by Lidle. Voting yes---Ungaro, Lidle, & Wollet.

The Board speaks about a drain clogged with tree limbs causing flood issues for several minutes.

Wollet motions after Attorney Mark Fortunato speaks for Board to OK County Engineer to get core sample from Stone Throw Avenue with letter of understanding between Township and those involved.
Seconded by Ungaro. Voting yes—Wollet, Ungaro, & Lidle.

Ungaro motions for Resolution #14-22 Nuisance Notice at 2337 Bellaire Lane in Poland Ohio. Seconded by Lidle. Voting yes--- Ungaro, Lidle, & Wollet.

Poland fall sport award certificates are awarded.

Mr. Canter addresses that Bank Statements for Township just came out two days prior to meeting, and he will have the reconciliation next month.

Park Committee:

Monthly Report.

Advisory Board Chairman Mike Heher updates board about four wheelers or pick-up trucks that are driving on the fields and it is being tore up. Seems to happen on weekends. Soccer and potential new buildings now has water and sewer. Soccer Association is planning to build indoor restrooms by the spring.

Recycling Dept:

No Report.

Jim Scharville reminds board about the Christmas tree recycling program in conjunction with the Green Team (drop off or curb pick up)

12/26/14 – 01/31/15

The Green Team is working on getting recycling carts, rather than keeping containers, hoping to increase recycling by 25%-30%. Looking into doing this within the next year or two.

Board speaks of pros and cons for several minutes.

Zoning Dept.
Zoning Inspector Robert Monus gives Monthly Report.

Total Evaluation: $208,165
Total Fees Collected: $2,309

Road Dept.
Road Superintendent Tom Monus gives Monthly Report.

Monus tells Board about what was done through the month including cleaning of Recycling Center, curb pickup of trees, plowing of snow, etc.

Police Dept:
Chief Goodin Does not have police stats for the month.

Goodin speaks of prisoner that escaped and recognizes that Poland’s Police Department was involved in arrest.
It is brought up that there is a new drug called Narcan that could potentially bring someone back to life if involved in an overdose. Poland may be looking into the Police Departments being able to have Narcan in their cars with them.
Board speaks about this for several minutes.

Ungaro opens meeting for public comments and several people spoke.

Ungaro motions to adjourn meeting at 7:08pm.

Seconded by Lidle. Voting yes--- Ungaro, Lidle, & Woddle.


Eric C. Ungaro, Chairman

Robert Lidle, Jr., Trustee

Joanne Wollet, Trustee

Paul J. Canter, Fiscal Officer