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Poland Township Government
3339 Dobbins Road, Poland, OH 44514
Phone: 330.757.0733
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Zoning Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A zoning permit is required by State Law and Local Zoning Code.

No. Parking a vehicle other than on a driveway is prohibited.

Yes. Any aboveground or in-ground swimming pool requires a fence or pool accessory fence to the height of at least six (6) feet from ground level.

Utility trailers longer than eight (8) feet are prohibited to be parked in the open, less than eight (8) feet are permitted to be parked in the allowable building area or within building setbacks but not in front of the building front line.

No.  Zoning does not regulate building construction standards; Mahoning County Building Inspection would require a permit to perform such construction.

Yes.  Garage sale permits are good for three (3) days of the event.

No. Placing signs on utility poles or public right-a-way is in violation of State and Local Zoning Codes and subject to penalties; signs found in these locations will be removed and discarded.

You are required to provide a site plan identifying your building setbacks along with a complete set of building plans for the construction of homes and commercial buildings. Projects consisting of accessory structures would require a setback site plan along with building profiles.

Yes. Zoning variances are designed to provide relief for the following: conditional use  permits, appealing the decision of the Zoning Inspector and  for any practical difficulty. Each zoning hearing is based on it on merits as presented by the Appellant.

If you feel that a possible violation exists in your neighborhood or other areas, you may contact the zoning office with the complaint. The complaint will be investigated and action taken if found in violation.

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